Find More Financial Freedom With The Truly Profit Plan 

Find More Financial Freedom With The Truly Profit Plan 

No matter your industry, business size, or experience level, there are just some experiences many business owners share…

…maybe you are really unsure on how much money you are bringing in each month. And expenses? Those numbers are just as much of a mystery. All you know is you feel you are barely staying afloat each month.

…you feel fairly confident you will be able to cover your expenses each month. Then there are some unexpected bills that land in your inbox. Maybe these are annual expenses you know are coming but you don’t know how much they will be or how to build a savings to prepare for them. 

…maybe you are still waiting for the day you actually can create some reliable income from your business. You may have had to give up your paycheck for payroll cycles or find yourself continuing to invest your personal income back into the business. Why does it feel like every other business owner is finding ways to support themselves while you can’t seem to reap the financial benefits of your hard work? 

These are common scenarios business owners find themselves. Which is why I created the Truly Profit Plan.

This is a plan I first built for myself – back in January of 2021 I launched Truly Bookkeeping. Owning my own business and working for myself had long been a dream of mine. 

I had spent the last 20 years as the right hand woman to MANY business owners and Executive Directors. I was often helping them solve problems but I hadn’t ever felt the weight of what it means to be the owner, where the buck would stop with me.  

I quickly realized just how easy the business finances could get away from me. I knew that my family was depending on me to make good, wise decisions with my business’ finances. So I didn’t have much room for mistakes.  

I read books and listened to podcasts and gathered all this information about good financial practices that I should be implementing in my business. I was on board with many of these suggestions, but what I realized is that although I knew what to do, I didn’t have a way to do it. I didn’t have a system, a plan, a spreadsheet, to put these sound financial practices into place.

And so I created one for myself. As I used the system, I was able to keep my business’ finances in check. I was able to hire and scale more quickly than I had imagined. 

The system works! As I began working with more and more clients, I realized they needed this system too. And so The Truly Profit Plan was born.  

What is The Truly Profit Plan?  

I’ll begin by telling you what it’s NOT:

  • It’s NOT A budgeting tool
  • It’s NOT A get rich quick trick
  • It’s NOT A magical system that makes all your financial woes disappear

What The Truly Profit Plan is:

  1. A cash flow management tool that helps you track and decide in advance what your income will be spent on. It’s a straightforward method that keeps you, the business owner, in control of your business finances. It empowers you to know what’s going on week after week with your income and expenses.
  2. It’s a way for you to plan for growth and be prepared for emergencies, like we all experienced this last year with COVID. By implementing this system you will keep yourself and your business on track

It’s that simple!  You don’t have to have an advanced degree to implement this plan.  You just have to WANT to do SOMETHING different than what you’ve been doing. 

How it Works

We have a new course launching March 2022 that provides a spreadsheet and step by step guide for implementing the Truly Profit Plan.  Download the free E-Book which describes the Truly Profit Plan here:

The Truly Profit Business Owner Plan —Ebook!

You won’t want to miss The Truly Profit Plan Course! The great thing about this plan is it is actually a plan! So many of the books and podcasts I listened to just talked about concepts – which were helpful but did not give me practical advice on what to do next.

The Truly Profit Plan focuses on the income you make each week and auto creates a budget for you to use in the upcoming week. So why do my clients like the Truly Profit Plan?

  • Little To No Math: Once you establish an excel spreadsheet, you just need to enter your income made in the last month. No need for a calculator.
  • Flexible: No matter your industry, the Truly Profit Plan is flexible so you can scale it as needed.
  • Gets You PAID: This is the best part. With this plan we put a high value on making sure you get paid. So every month we are ensuring you get a little something, no matter your sales.

We believe the Truly Profit Plan can help business owners find financial freedom and understand their finances better. You have a million things to do, bookkeeping and assessing cash flow should not be one of them. This plan makes your business accounting easy and puts you first.

If you are ready to begin implementing the Truly Profit Plan, click the button below:

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