Why Outsource your Bookkeeping? (Part 2)

Owning a business is one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors you can ever undertake.  It’s thrilling to work for yourself and empowering to be the one making all of the decisions that lead to your company’s success.  But somewhere along the way, you’ll realize you can’t do it alone.  Or you shouldn’t.  You shouldn’t do it alone if you want to grow and scale.  You shouldn’t do it alone if you want to also have a life outside of work!  

I’ve already talked through 3 reasons to Outsource Your Bookkeeping in Part 1 including Focusing on Your Business, Accurate Financials, and Cost-Effective.  

Let’s talk about 3 additional reasons to outsource your bookkeeping: Expertise, Backup/Fraud Prevention, and Consistency.


Most likely as the owner of your business, you aren’t an expert bookkeeper as well.  As your business grows, you need someone with the expertise to handle your company’s financial needs.  You might need someone full time and it’s often difficult to find a part-time employee with the expertise needed.  With outsourced bookkeeping, you get professional services when you need them.  You aren’t overpaying for what you don’t need.  

Back up/ Fraud Prevention

Because your business supports you and your family, you can’t take chances.  You need security measures in place to protect your business finances.  With outsourced bookkeeping, we are an extra layer of security monitoring your finances to make sure fraud doesn’t happen. We look at every dollar that leaves your bank account and can alert you right away if something looks off.  

In addition,  with outsourced bookkeeping, you have a partner that knows your business and helps keep it running smoothly.  If you need to take time off, you can know the bills are still getting paid. 


You’re busy!  And often push the books to the bottom of your to-do list.  With outsourced bookkeeping, we have regularly scheduled time that we spend on your business.  Our #1 responsibility is to monitor your finances week after week so you don’t have to spend hours and hours at tax time preparing for your CPA.  CPAs love a good bookkeeper because of our consistency!

There are SO MANY reasons working with a bookkeeper is to your benefit both personally and professionally. We have heard too many stories of business owners who didn’t and wished they had. They spent extra unnecessary time and money trying to do it themselves or hiring the cheapest option.

Outsource your bookkeeping today, we’ve heard from many clients it’s the best decision they made.

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