A New Way of Employment

Truly Bookkeeping’s goal as an employer is to create meaningful part-time employment opportunities that pay well and provide retirement benefits.  We believe this is the way that a lot of people, specifically parents, would prefer to work.  

Historically, part-time employment + good pay, and retirement benefits didn’t go together.  Part-time employment has often been low paying, entry-level, which is often a step to something else.  In contrast, full-time employment has been overly demanding of time and energy with little wiggle room for the actual life of employees.

We believe you can “have it all” and that’s what we aim to provide, a new way of employment.  We believe you can balance both work and life.  We believe you don’t have to spend 40-70 hours a week to provide for your family.  We believe part-time hours can provide a purpose.  We believe retirement benefits should be earned in both part-time and full-time hours.  

Working with Truly Bookkeeping will provide you with: 

  1. Meaningful work
  2. Competitive pay
  3. Retirement benefits

We have heard from many clients when working with us, “You guys aren’t like normal bookkeepers.  You are way better!”  We strive to serve our clients well, to get to know them and their businesses, listen to whatever challenges they are facing, and celebrate their wins.  We are team players which creates meaningful work.  Debits and credits don’t often feel meaningful. But organizing our clients’ finances and helping them to understand their numbers bring them freedom and peace, what’s more meaningful than that?

Most bookkeepers are more skilled than they and often society give them credit for.  Our experience and knowledge are vast!  We believe in paying our employees well because we entrust them with important client work.  Our employees rise to the occasion and we reward them in kind.  

We’ve never understood why retirement benefits are often only attached to full-time employment.  There are a variety of reasons someone can’t work full time, but they are no less in need of the future benefit of a secure retirement. We believe by providing retirement benefits to our part-time employees, we communicate care for our employees.  We don’t just want to provide for them and their families this month, but also years down the line when they are past their prime working years.  

We are so thankful for the work our employees do on behalf of Truly Bookkeeping.  We recognize Truly Bookkeeping wouldn’t be where we are without the hard work and expertise of our employees.