How to Create a Work-Life Balance

Owning a business can be a lonely road at times. As an entrepreneur, we are the ones with the dream and the vision. We are the ones that can’t sleep at night as we think through all the details of our business. We are the ones who must intentionally focus on our family and friends and personal life at times because we can so easily let our business take over every thought in the day.

Entrepreneurs do it all.

We are the ones who worry if we will make payroll. We are the ones concerned about the client reviews. We are the ones tracking shipping dates and the cost of materials. We are the ones monitoring cash flow and insurance policies.

There are so many aspects that we must track as business owners. We carry a weight that no one else in the company will carry. We don’t have the luxury of “turning off” from work. Our business is always there, just waiting for and often demanding our attention.

So how do we deal with the ever presence of our business? Do we work all the time? Do we allow every moment to be consumed with business-related thoughts? Do we turn every conversation to “talking shop”?

How do we find balance?

I have found the best way to deal with it is to be intentional. As entrepreneurs, we need to have ways that we unwind, rest, and focus on other things. For me, it’s reading. Lucky for me, my husband is an avid reader and I have a well-curated stack of books to choose from at any time. But I have also learned from him to seek out authors and books that interest me, rather than picking up whatever might be close at hand. I intentionally read in the morning before the kids are awake and at night before going to bed. Could I grab my laptop and work? Of course!!! There is ALWAYS something to be done for my business. But working all the time doesn’t serve me or my family well. Balance does. Both working hard and resting regularly serve me and my family the best.

Finding something that brings rest and restores our energy will ultimately lead to better business decisions as well. We serve no one well when we are burnt out. What’s your go-to way of finding rest? What is your non-caffeinated way of energizing yourself?

If you are feeling burnt out, overworked and like you are ready to burn your business down, I encourage you to step back. Take a day to rest, read, walk, to do something that energizes you. Be intentional with your days. As a business owner, you have the freedom to do that, so use it!