To help communities thrive through flourishing businesses.

I, Kelli Bagby, have been interested in small business ownership since high school.  I have long admired entrepreneurs and business owners for their hard work, determination, and vision to create something for others that hasn’t existed.

I have seen the power of working for oneself- yes, it’s tiring, all-consuming, and scary!  But the rewards, the flexibility, and the purpose you feel working long hours for yourself rather than someone else is unmatched. I have seen how successful businesses can change the landscape of a neighborhood and consequently people’s lives.  

After so many years of working for business owners, supporting their dreams, successfully assisting them with their finances, and learning so much about business ownership, I decided it was time to start my own business.  And it just so happens that my services continue to support business owners!

I am thrilled to have launched  Truly Bookkeeping, a company whose mission is to help communities thrive through flourishing businesses. So much of what we know is determined by what we see around us.  If we see businesses failing, our perspective on life and our future will be skewed.  But if we see businesses thriving, we can be encouraged and filled with hope for ourselves and our neighbors about the possibilities for a better future for all.  That’s what we  want to bring to communities- a better future for all

Truly Bookkeeping supports business owners, especially women, to be informed, empowered, and inspired in their entrepreneurship. Just because you start a  business doesn’t mean you always know what you’re doing!  There is so much about running a business that is often outside the wheelhouse of entrepreneurs. We fill in the gaps of what business owners don’t know but desperately need to.


 Technology has changed the world.  If a business owner isn’t aware of the latest products developed to support them, they will be at a disadvantage compared to their competitors.  Instead, we empower business owners to utilize technology for rock star systems and processes.  Technology has given us the resources to do more with less and we are all about being more efficient in less time, less effort, and less stress! The products and services available today are vast and target almost every need or want we could have.  Business owners need to be creative in utilizing what is available to them so they can deliver their products and services in order to increase revenue and keep expenses in check.  

Enjoy Who you Partner With

Partnering with Truly Bookkeeping will give business owners an edge over their competitors. Did we mention it will also be fun?  Truly Bookkeeping is vehemently against working with bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, financial advisors, investment advisors, insurance agents, etc. when it’s a drag.  If you don’t enjoy talking to your financial people, then you need to find new people! We value liking each other and look forward to our time chatting about your business and strategizing for the future.

Biggest Fans

Life can be hard at times and many things can get us down, but we value encouraging and supporting one another.  We get to be one another’s biggest fans. Even if we part ways, we continue to value saying of one another, “You are awesome!”

Growth Mindset

I believe in Truly Bookkeeping’s abilities, skills, and expertise to help business owners. But we don’t know everything!  We are always learning from one another, deferring to those who know more, and providing the best for our clients. 

At the end of the day, we are thrilled to be able to partner with and support clients in all the iterations of their business. Our values are the pillars Truly Bookkeeping is built on and is what allows us to continue to grow. When we say true to our mission we get to see our client’s businesses thrive. The ripple effect of this is ultimately why we began in the first place.