3 Red Flags You Should Be Outsourcing

3 Red Flags You Should Be Outsourcing 

You have worked so hard to build a business. You stayed up late after the kids went to bed, you then got up early to finish a project, maybe you even did some work during last year’s vaca. That is often the life of a business owner and few will tell you different.

But when is it time to delegate? So many of us get into this rut of putting in long hours so our business can thrive, when is it time to hire another set of hands?

These red flags are key indicators that it’s time to bring in another pair of hands especially when it comes to your accounting.


Red Flags

1. You keep missing deadlines

One big sign it is time to bring in another set of hands is you keep missing deadlines. No matter how many hours you put in or how often you time block, you cannot seem to stay on top of the deadlines you have set.

Not only does this hurt your business, it exhausts your mental health. You know when you want the work done, but you are a busy business owner with plenty of things to do. Maybe you even do have time, but the processes aren’t streamlined or it’s work you hate doing. 

No matter the reason, missing deadlines is a red flag you need support.


2) There is friction in the process

Every business has processes. They may not be formal or recorded, but you do have a certain way of getting things done. When you are working through a process and constantly find yourself thinking, ‘there has to be a better way.’ That’s friction.

Bookkeepers have a strong history of helping business owners establish seamless processes. We want things to be accurate and efficient so there is consistency in the service we provide.

If you are finding any part of your accounting process is a headache, it is a red flag you need support.


3) You’ll make more money outsourcing, than doing the work yourself

This is probably the biggest red flag. You spend so many hours at your computer reconciling bank statements, searching for that missing penny, or trying to understand where that invoice went – you are missing out on the revenue-generating tasks. 

When you can outsource your bookkeeping, you will find yourself with more time, more accurate financial statements, and better able to price your products, then you can generate more income. Which is the whole goal, right?

If you are experiencing this time suck red flag, it’s time to outsource.


Business owners are experts at time management, getting rid of inefficiencies, and just getting things to work, but we all have that tipping point on when it is time to bring in an expert. If you are finding these red flags resonate too well with your business, then consider sending us a message. We would love to help you eliminate each red flag, one by one.

And if you want to hear more about the benefits of delegating in your business, check out Ashley Gartland’s podcast, Better than Big, episode 29 “How I went from solopreneur to leading a small team”. 


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